Last week I was in Wellington and went to the South African Consulate to find out for sure what the new Visa requirements are as there is a lot of confusion around this at the moment.
They are as follows.
If a tour or any group has a minimum of eight people on it a nominated person or preferably the director of the company can apply on behalf of all guests but all documentation needs to be presented from each individual person.
- If there are less than eight people going then each person needs to attend the Consulate office in Wellington individually.
- Completed DHA-84 Form ( off the website)
- Valid Passport - Bio data photo copied page.
- Two Passport Photos
- Letter from your employer of your request for leave or business certificate if you are self employed.
- Copy of your tour itinerary.
- Copy of your air ticket out of South Africa. Please note they advise booking the ticket but not paying for it until the Visa has being issued.
- Copies of your last three months bank statements.
- Vaccination certificates if they apply which they do not on Travel Booth tours as we are not entering any of the affected countries.
- Fee of $95 by bank cheque or money order.
- Self addressed prepaid envelope so the Visa can be posted out.
- Certificate of Travel / Health insurance.
This does sound like quite a lot but trust me a visit to South Africa is definitely worth it, especially if you are going with Travel Booth.

Posted: Thu 09 Feb 2017