Dawn across the Crocodile River. Sunset on a grassy hilltop, herds of elephants, zebra, impala, giraffes grazing. The crunch of a pair of lions eating their kill in darkness.

I had little idea what to expect of South Africa as a country, but knew what I wanted – to see animals, more animals, wild animals in their own environments – and Travel Booth delivered. Solitary leopards, mating lions, a pride of lions, herds of wildebeest, buffalo, impala, rhinoceros, hippopotamus. Infants and nursing mothers, old males. Crocodiles. Birds – from vultures to lilac-breasted rollers and fork-tailed boobies. In tiered open safari trucks, knowledgeable and personable guides tracked the animals, often bringing us within a few metres of lions, or elephants, or rhinoceroses. What a privilege entering their lives, ignored by them, no threat either way, while we remained within the profile of the truck.

The three wildlife reserves visited – Kruger National Park, and two private reserves had been carefully selected by Angela our tour leader, as had the luxury accommodation. Each place we stayed had unique features, with plenty of Wow! factor and delicious cuisine. And Angela did everything she could to ensure we were comfortable.

This was a fabulous trip, over too quickly. South Africa is a vast country with dramatic scenery and a tormented history. One could spend months, years, exploring, meeting people, unraveling the politics – and observing the animals.

Henry and Karen

Posted: Fri 13 Sep 2019